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The End

The end began with a blinding flash of light and ...

Exploding Sun

...then the earth and everything in it died, including me... or so I thought

Our Sun Went Nova

...blasting particles of matter, biomass, our beloved earthly debris, scattered amongst the stars

Finders Keepers

...the massive harvester processor ships gathered these fragments, sorting, sifting, searching for a certain kind of particle, a piece of life. When the density of life particles reaches the indicated threshold, the Clone Makers are alerted

Cloning Facility

...these collected particles of biomass spend years of mixing and matching, cloning various lifeforms together in a deadly competition

The Class Clone

Four clones are chosen for each KyInn. Crafted to perform to specification this self-contained team of alien clones.

Training Facility

...After many many years of training we were one being ready for duty

Meet we a Tourist


KyInn Voyager

for Interstellar MeshNet, reporting for duty


And the adventure begins

chapter one coming soon